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Fun Friday Awards Fun Friday Awards
Fun Friday awards are treats for the students who have worked hard during the week. I give tickets for various things (working quietly, completing work, walking quietly in hallway, being a good leader, etc.) and draw names from my container for the winners. They get to complete the awards during Friday afternoon.  I made posters of these awards and placed them on my door.  (They are at the bottom.)

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Stinky Feet Award-The student gets to take shoes off for the rest of the day.

Critter Take Home Award
-I have a teddy bear with a t-shirt on with the name of our town on it.  The students take it home for the week end and they have a journal to write about what they do with the bear.  They read the journal on Monday morning.

Rolling Chair Award-I have a black rolling chair that they get to sit in for the rest of the day.

Guest Reader Award-The student gets to choose and read a book to the class.

Best Friends Award-The student gets to sit with their friend for the afternoon.

Lunchroom Buddies Award-The student gets to choose a friend to eat with.

Handwriting Award-I choose the student with the best handwriting and they get to write everything on the board for me for the afternoon.

Clean Desk Award-I choose the cleanest desk for the week.  They get to sit at my desk or anywhere in the room for the rest of the day.

Teacher Helper Award
-The student helps me with anything I can think of- writing grades in my gradebook, checking papers, taking messages, etc.

Popcorn Friends Award-The student gets to invite a friend from our hall to eat popcorn with him or her.  They write a note to the friend and deliver it.  Sometimes I choose a girl and a boy.  I pop those little bags of microwave popcorn for their treat.

Ducky Behavior Award-I ordered a bunch of rubber duckies from Oriental Trading to give out on Friday for great behavior. 

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