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Literature Circles-

I use our basal for the first few times we do Literature Circles. We start with the Artist and after reading the story & discussing it the whole class completes the Artist worksheet. The next day we discuss what we drew and the comments.

We do the same thing with the next story and complete the Connector, and so on. By the time we are ready for Literature Circles, they know how to complete each worksheet. I usually give them a choice of several books to read. I try to put them in groups of high, low, & average to read the books. They can read the book or chapter as a team or silently. Then when everyone is finished, the color coded teams go with their group (Artist, Connector, Discussion, Storyteller, & Words) to complete their work. Then after they are finished they go back to their first group and discuss their worksheets.  

After a few weeks, they switch to notebook paper & do basically the same thing (using what they have learned).  I switch out groups every couple of weeks especially if it is a chapter book.  

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Joanne Griffin