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Here it is October and I'm further behind than ever.  I thought once I retired I'd have all this extra time to do things.  I already know the problem...reading and playing on the computer.  I still have school things all over the house and my new shed is almost filled.  It's too bad there are a lot of us that seem to live by the maxim:  Don't do today what you can do next week!!!  I hope you are shaking your head yes instead of scrunching up your face and thinking- oh she's one of those people.  I've managed to survive 63 years and have put off a lot of things.  And sometimes they actually go away! LOL!

Now about my upcoming new website (coming in 2011).  I want to know what you need and want on it.  Last year I had 73,985 visits to my homepage.  That's a lot of time spent on my website.  So let me know exactly what you need for your classroom.  I've got lots of ideas to share with you, but want to get your input too.  My daughter and I are working hard to prepare new things for you to use including readers theater, math task cards, smart box ideas, original poetry, and journal prompts, plus lots of  neat curriculum teaching aids.

I look forward to your feedback.  Joanne

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1. Needed for classroom-

Hey Teachers, let me know what you need for your classroom for our upcoming website in 2011. 

These are the most visited-

Readers Theater
Smart Boxes
Work Stations
Guided Reading
Guided Math
Math Journal Prompts
Math Task Cards

If you have other ideas we need to include please feel free to send to me by this blog or my email.  (jologriffin@gmail.com)  Joanne

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Joanne Griffin